Additional services and upgrades

EXO 50ML.png

Gtechniq Exo V4

Small/Medium £120
Large/Extra Large £150


Alloy wheel seal

Through time, brake dust can cause serious damage to alloy wheels but with this treatment, our products provide a clear barrier that will prevent damage form brake dust. Wheels are cleaned of all dirt and decontaminated, the wheel coating is applied to surface of wheel. This then creates an invisible barrier, repelling dirt and making the wheels easier to clean.

C5 Wheel Armour

Faces only £60
Full Wheels £180


A water displacing treatment for your windcsreen or all windows. The glass is chemically cleaned first to remove all traces of dirt and contamination, then glass coating is applied. This will then help improve visibilty and negate the need for wipers when travelling over 50mph.

G1 ClearVision Smart Glass



Interior Protected (Seats, Dash and Carpets)

I1 Smart Fabric AB and/or L1 Leather Guard AB


Total Surface Protection

This includes Glass, Rims and Interior protection as a bundle.

T S P plus Wheel Faces Only - £210
T S P plus Full Wheels - £306


Fabric roof clean & seal

A new fabric hood will repel water and resist soiling, however, through time these protection properties will start to diminish and the fabric will start to look old. With this treatment, we are able to thourghly clean and protect your fabric hood to protect against water, soiling and UV damage.

I1 Smart Fabric

From £150

Alloy wheel refurbishment

Whether you have received damage to your alloy wheel from kerbing, stones or by a tyre being changed, or you simply want to change colour, we offer a full alloy wheel refurbishment service and not just a smart repair. We work with companies that we use regularly and trust. We will manage the refurbishment for you so you are safe in the knowledge that your wheels are getting looked after and your car is safely being stored inside on axel stands.

From £80
Enquire here for a more tailored quote.


Engine detail

Carried out at the wash stage of a valet or detail, a detailed engine can really take your freshly detailed car to the next level. By removing any debris that has fallen under the engine cover, we then cover and protect any vulnerable areas to stop water damage. A mixture of cleaning products and brushes are then used to clean the engine and underside of your bonnet. The engine is then rinsed, dressed and protected.

From £60 to £180

Paintless dent removal

Picking up dents in car parks and from stones happens and you notice it every time you look at that panel. As long as the paint is not broken, we can organise for the majority of dents to be massaged out of your vehicle using paintless dent removal tools, eliminating the need to fill or repaint.

From £60
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